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gaypoet's Journal

Chadwick Horn
3 October
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Hey everyone! How THOUGHTFUL of you to read my info! *hugs-2-U*

Well, I was born October 03, of 1983 - which puts me around the 18 years of age range. I am gay and very proud of myself for non other than living in this cruel world. Most of my writings directly reflect something of major impact in my life but I promise I'm not a depressed alcoholic or anything... yet. :-/ Actually I'm not into that kind of stuff at all - very clean about my lifestyle.

In what little spare time life dishes out to me, I play rugby and tennis and osmosise (thats a new one...) to my computer chair. I also like to do "manly" stuff like sew and arts/crafts. It's a really good thing!!! *winks to all the Martha Stewart Wannabes*

For all interested candidates out there in cyberland, I am single! Yay for single people! *groans* Sorry girls, I'm a guys only type of man. Feel free to chat with me tho as it's impossible to have TOO many friends! Ü

Well, if you want to get to know me better, email me or IM me at the listed screenname. AIM has been attached to my lower thigh so you will always find me on it. ;-)