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Somebody Misses You

Somebody misses your smile,
the hugs and the kisses you share,
The warmth in your heart,
the love in your eyes,
the way that you listen and care...

Somebody misses your laughter,
reassuring and kind and sincere,
The touch of your hand,
the sound of your voice,
the comfort of knowing you're near.

Somebody misses the magic
of the wonderful things that you do,
The secrets you hold,
the dreams you reveal,
the way you make wishes come true...

Somebody waits for tomorrow,
another day closer to when
The hoping is ended,
the wishing is over,
and somebody holds you again.

I Love You Joshua Dodd
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Deleted comment

Thank you for your comment. It's really sweet to know that I have people whom enjoy my poetry - I'll try to update more often. Take care Jesus!

That was definately an awesome poem