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A Brother to the Mist - Dedicated to Joey

Something I can't deny
as the days go by
my boys tell me to move on
but I don't even try.
At times, my hope rises
when I realize, your love was true
But I also feel down
Because there is no way that I can see you.
I understand why you live a few hours away
Because you're the guy that I always wanted
Its that something in you that makes me go
And urges me to jump right on it.
I just about go insane sometimes
Because of the way you were digging me
I stand, a brother to the mist
As I'm waiting for you patiently.
I'm not searching for you for sex
but the essence of perfection
that essence got me to feel you
and the smooth feel of direction.
The orange dawn horizon has kept me focus
As poetry of love has brung out the best in me
I train on the Track out of passion and love
So I can push harder to my destiny.
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