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Poem: Clear Mirror

A Reflection of Me
In the Reflection of You
The Past Be Present
And the Lies Stay True

Our Eyes Understand What Our Brain Sees
Our Heart Understands What the Mind Feels
Passions Mixed with Desperation
Anger Filled the Wounds that Refused to Heal

Into the Clear Mirror of Life We Both Stare
On Either Side Just Gazing Through
The Slight Reflection Which We Cannot See
The Heartache That We Never Knew

Our Eyes Stream With Tears
Much As the Rain Gliding Down the Window Pane
Why Do Humans Possess Such Ability As to Love
When, At the End, A Fear of Reflection is All That Be Gained

Lately I've Been Wondering
If It's All I Am Able to Do
My Only Promise Is to Remain Forever
Only This Time, It Will Be Without You

We Both Look Though the Mirror
And Staring Us Back Is the Stranger That We Be
Without the Sharing of Love, Our Lives Are Nothing
But In the Reflection, Why Am I Unable to See Me
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