Chadwick Horn (gaypoet) wrote,
Chadwick Horn

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Reflections of Life

There is a pond in a secret place
A silvery pond reflecting space
There live the fish shining the sun
In the water they frolic all day long
But come night and moon shine bright
The pond sees quite different flight
As the Faerie Folk flutter to it's shore
Telling the tales of forgotten lore

But one of the fae rather just lay
Or sit on a stone and admire all day
The reflection she sees
Looking back from the deeps
Reminding her of a story told
A story forgotten, so old
She cannot recall nor forget it
Mind drifts in times dimly lit

Crescent moon lighting the scene
Faeries dancing where ever they've been
Fae songs like millions of bells
Tinkling away, the story tells
One Fae alone on the water stays
Into the deep reflection a solid gaze
Enchanted creature with no end
In the pond a winged friend
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