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Two Poems I Just Created

First Kiss

You had an easy word that caught my ear
on those weathered porch steps that spoke of anything
but ease, and with a smile, not even knowing my name
after a few minutes of cheerful nonsense
you asked, "would you like a kiss?"

Well timed, the words lifted me on the world's
cresting wave of youthful arrogance
a sudden hill-king with a scepter of dreams
I turned happily to you beneath a benign moon
and whispered "sure."

Determined, patient, I became your ardent pupil then,
how warm and strange the touch of wet flesh
you became my homework and the lashes of your dark eyes
flowed like stories from an author's pen,
again and again and again.

The moonlight dripped around our innocence,
two young hearts whose laughs entwined
the warm patience of the night. You taught me well,
three times I began to leave, and like a dreamy dance
returned three times for more.

Never will I forget, how the sweet night lingered
and how quickly you helped me see
that there was really nowhere else
that I needed to be.

I Heard the Trees Sigh

I heard the trees sigh, it was a sound
beyond my deciphering,
and I watched the moon above
so full and white with love,
and night surrounded me like an ocean
and I became the shore
for her shimmering waves,
a shore as soft as time.

I heard the sighing trees,
and wondered why,
and felt the love of sea for earth
and watched the sky cry raindrops -
and now again
the trees do sigh
and now, their friend,
so do I.
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