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Wall of Security (I Dare Not Cross...)

Wall of Security (I Dare Not Cross...)

I sat. I waited. I watched as I Pondered.
Into the unknown I dare not wondered.



All Night We Sat and Talked 'till Dawn;
My Heart, Spread About Like Dew, Cowered Like A Fawn.


I Waited for Guidance, An Answer, Just Some Sort of Hint;
But 'till Light Break No Transgression had Been Sent.


Hours on End I Watched, Just Emotionlessnessly Demanding An Answer.
The Truth that He Did Tell Ate At Me Like A Cancer.


With the Spoken Words Came Truth, Which for Now I Ponder.
But All I Could Reply With Were Words of Saunder.


Into the Unknown I Dare Not Wonder.
I sit. I wait. I watch. I Ponder.

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