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re: did they or didn't they?

re: did they or didn't they?
As the dawn was fast approaching, playing 'bout the window sill,
Two sweet boys were lost in slumber, dreaming dreams unknown to us.
As the sun glowed through the curtains, now so limp, so soft, so still,
Could they dream their sweet repose might in the end cause such a fuss?

As regards the basic concept that they slept in close proximity,
consensus can be reached with nods and thumbs-up all around!
As regards a "meld of minds" beyond this fragile unanimity...
I'm happy to report a rainbow's breadth of thoughts abound!

Some assumed the curtain billowing was meant to be symbolic.
Others felt the mere discussion of the billow was uncool.
Me? I'm proud that either way, we could avoid words vitriolic
and eschew the urge to prosletize a hardened fastened rule.

Has the billow of these curtains now transcended all presumption?
To a moment of true love brought innuendo and assumption?

Was it merely fabric flapping in a breezy lilting fashion
or the flawless consummation of their innocence and passion?

Some believe that all they did was sleep and somehow woke up bare;
twas the breeze that snatched their boxers... but did not disturb the pair!

Others claim a simple logic. With it's premise they're at peace.
They insist love's sweet consensus from their shorts brought sweet release!

I wouldn't claim discussion of this subject was in vain.
Unassailable, I feel, are the opinions of the heart.
In the end invested feelings on the subject might remain,
yet the sharing of such thoughts need never set good friends apart.
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